Change the World by Changing Your Staffing Agency

You can feel good about using PeopleFirst Staffing for your Cincinnati and Dayton staffing solutions.

Does it seem harder than ever to find and retain capable job candidates?

Not working with a staffing agency may be costing you a great deal.

Help for a Wide Variety of Industries

Looking for help in manufacturing, warehousing or logistics? Our staffing services fill hundreds of openings in these industries each year. We also work extensively with professional services and call centers to meet staffing needs with:

Staffing Solutions You Might Not Expect

Looking for staffing help in your organization? We offer two options: temp-to-hire jobs and direct hires. You can count on our decades of experience to meet your needs.

But we think it's not enough to just meet a need: We believe our clients, job applicants and community deserve even more.

As an staffing organization, we provide employee support that prepares people to successfully enter and remain in the workforce.

Staffing Made Simple - PeopleFirst Staffing
To solve your staffing challenges for good, we:
  • 1 Contact ideal candidates via email, text and phone.
  • 2 Test and interview candidates to save you time.
  • 3 Run background checks.
  • 4 Conduct drug screens.
  • 5 Handle on-boarding.
  • 6 Cover worker's comp.
  • 7 Provide health insurance.
  • 8 Pay all required payroll taxes.
  • 9 Coach employees on critical life and job skills.

Dayton & Cincinnati Staffing Services Going the Extra Mile

How do you know that a staffing agency is doing all it can to help you? At PeopleFirst Staffing, we start by advertising your open positions on more than 30 job boards and promoting them on social media.
Warehouse & Packaging Jobs in Cincinnati & Dayton

At PeopleFirst Staffing, we believe you'll see a difference:

  • Our employee incentive program drives retention and reduces the cost of turnover.
  • Our programs help candidates see work not as a chore, but as a means to a better life.
  • We hand-pick the best candidates for your job openings.
  • We’re locally owned, responsive and offer decades of experience. 
  • In 2023, we placed more than 2,000 people in Cincinnati and Dayton jobs. 


Free Staffing Guide: "How to Choose the Best Staffing Agency for Your Business in 4 Simple Steps”

Our fun and action-oriented guide can help you put the steps in order to hire the best staffing agency for you including:  

  • Tips for clearly defining  your needs
  • Ways to narrow down your choices
  • The right questions to ask when interviewing agencies
  • Understanding staffing agency pricing and fee structures
  • Choosing the best firm for you

What’s Special About PeopleFirst Staffing?

What makes us different? PeopleFirst Staffing, LLC values each person and their individual goals. Retention incentives, referral bonuses, and fun contests are just a few ways we treat you better than the rest!

We offer weekly, on-time pay via direct deposit or bankcards. We have many clients and many jobs!

Our Staffing Made Simple Plan

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