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The Bigger Mission: Employee Retention

During President John F. Kennedy’s visit to NASA for the first time in 1962, he met a janitor who worked there. When President Kennedy asked the janitor what he did for NASA, he replied, “I’m helping put a man on the moon.” The janitor understood that his contribution of keeping the facilities clean and tidy helped the engineers, scientists and astronauts be able to focus on their contribution. He knew the purpose of his work and saw where he fit into the bigger mission: putting a man on the moon.

As an employer, it’s important to help your employees see how their efforts are contributing to the bigger mission of the company. This is not done through a hierarchy or authority chart of everyone’s roles in the company. It’s through nurturing a certain mindset. As the employer you can’t control what employees think or their perspective of the company but you can encourage and accelerate a positive, bigger mission mindset. Your mission is to make every employee feel like a part of the bigger mission and in turn achieve better employee retention. Here are some ways to help your employees see the bigger picture for better employee retention:

Keep Them In the Loop

It can be hard to keep everyone in the company up to date with the latest sales, new hires, changes and successes when you have multiple departments and especially if you have remote employees. Sending out memos via group chats, emails or having short virtual meetings to update everyone on the status of the company and announcements will make your team feel in the loop.

Give Praise

Of course it is important to let your employees know when they’re doing a good job and that you appreciate them. Giving praise to specific team members in a group setting will help them feel recognized by you and their peers. Also giving other team members a chance to give praise to each other will encourage bonding.

Be Clear About the Bigger Mission

Periodically reminding your team of the ultimate mission of the company will help instill it in everyday work. It’s also helpful to keep the mission as clear and concise as possible so it doesn’t leave room for misunderstanding or vagueness.

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