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Good News: Bonuses and Cincinnati & Dayton Job Openings!

You might be hearing a lot of bad news about unemployment right now, but here’s the good news: There are plenty of Cincinnati and Dayton job openings and if you act fast, PeopleFirst Staffing is offering bonuses and great-paying jobs. 

Extra Money When You Need It Most 

Before we talk about how to apply, let’s cover our current bonus offerings. All jobs through PeopleFirst Staffing now offer a $50 bonus once you complete 40 hours on the job. After just one month on the job, you’ll receive a $100 bonus. 

You can earn additional bonuses, too, by referring PeopleFirst Staffing to friends and family. As of September 1, you’ll receive a $150 referral bonus if a person you referred is hired and completes 30 days on the job. Refer more people and earn more bonuses if they are hired and work for one month.

Plenty of Cincinnati & Dayton Job Openings 

Right now, PeopleFirst Staffing has 120 open jobs to fill. We have jobs that pay up to $1,263 per week with guaranteed overtime. It’s important to keep in mind that while the COVID add-on to unemployment pay is nice, we have jobs that pay better. 

If you apply now you can be at the front of the line with your pick of the best jobs. (Need more reasons to jump in right now? Here are four more!) If you wait until next month when the extra unemployment pay stops, you’ll be competing with everyone else for the best jobs.

Easy Application Process

It’s simple and safe to apply online for any of our 120 job openings. Start the process by filling out an application. Once we’ve interviewed you by phone, the rest of the hiring process is done in person, by appointment, at our offices in Fairfield. We are following all social distancing guidelines, too.  

Take a look at our Cincinnati and Dayton job openings, click to apply today and get ready to take advantage of our current hiring bonuses. 

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