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What Makes a Top Staffing Agency - PeopleFirst Staffing

Top Staffing Agencies? What Your Agency SHOULD Be Doing

By PeopleFirst Staffing | March 23, 2021

If you are comparing top staffing agencies, it’s good to consider all the steps they take to successfully place applicants. The agency you pick should be willing to go the extra mile for its employer clients.  Here are some of the ways PeopleFirst Staffing shows we value both our job applicants and corporate clients.  Seeing…

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10 Interview Questions To Ask Employers - PeopleFirst Staffing

Interview Questions for Future Employers

By PeopleFirst Staffing | January 12, 2021

We get it: interviews can be stressful. There’s a lot on the line, and it might be your first time going through the process. We recommend preparing some questions to ask the interviewer at the end of your time together. Having interview questions ready will help you learn if the job fits your skills. It…

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Tips To Improve Employee Attendance - PeopleFirst Staffing

5 Ways to Improve Employee Attendance

By PeopleFirst Staffing | December 3, 2020

You’ve just hired a new employee for your organization. The new hire checked off all the boxes during the interview stage: motivated, qualified and enthusiastic. The first week went great: the second, not so much. It wasn’t a big deal when they called off on Monday, or even Tuesday. But Wednesday and Thursday as well?…

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First Day on the Job - Don’t Freak Out - PeopleFirst Staffing

First Day on the Job? Don’t Freak Out!

By PeopleFirst Staffing | November 15, 2020

A new place, new people, new responsibilities, a new commute… It’s easy to see why the first day on the job can feel overwhelming. The important thing is just to start. Remember, you were hired because of your skills and abilities: You CAN do this!  Here are seven ways to make your first day easier:  …

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Resume Help in Cincinnati & Datyon - PeopleFirst Staffing

Land that Job! Resume Help in Cincinnati & Dayton

By PeopleFirst Staffing | October 15, 2020

Nobody looks forward to writing a resume. Some people avoid job hunting altogether because they’re not sure how to write one. If you’re looking for resume help in Cincinnati and Dayton, the staffing specialists at PeopleFirst Staffing are here for you.   During your meeting with a staffing specialist, you will receive expert advice on your…

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Temporary Staffing - PeopleFirst Staffing

Temp Is Not a 4-Letter Word: Is Temporary Staffing for You?

By PeopleFirst Staffing | September 17, 2020

Your perception of temporary workers is most likely based on your own experience–for better or worse. As you decide whether to use a Cincinnati and Dayton temporary staffing agency, consider these factors: Temporary Staffing Is Widespread In 2018, temporary and contract staffing employed about 16.8 million people. Every week, according to industry statistics, 3 million…

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Local vs National Staffing Agency - PeopleFirst Staffing

How to Choose: Cincinnati & Dayton Local Staffing Agency or National Agency

By PeopleFirst Staffing | August 20, 2020

Whether you have dozens of job openings to fill now or know you will in the future, finding help with all aspects of hiring would make your life easier. Choosing between a Cincinnati or Dayton local staffing agency or a national agency requires some background information. Here are some ways these types of agencies differ.  …

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Jobs with a GED - No Diploma - PeopleFirst Staffing

Finding Jobs with a GED, High School Diploma (or Without One)

By PeopleFirst Staffing | August 6, 2020

Many job candidates wonder what types of jobs they are eligible for. Often, people are surprised at the range of openings available for those who have a GED, high school diploma or neither. If you’re looking for jobs with a GED or high school diploma, or if you don’t have either, read on. GED vs.…

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Job Interview Tips - PeopleFirst Staffing

Nailing It: Job Interview Tips

By PeopleFirst Staffing | July 22, 2020

So how did your last job interview go? If you weren’t nervous or worried about what the interviewer was going to ask, that’s fantastic. But if you’re like most people, you might need some job interview tips.   PeopleFirst Staffing works with hundreds of job applicants every year and we often coach people through interviewing. As…

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